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Creativity Is The Highest Form of HOPE

I have experienced more joy in developing and creating THE ART OF LIVING HAPPY 30-day challenge than I have experienced in any of my other classes! I want to share that joy with each and every one of you! Sometimes feelings of joylessness, faithlessness or disconnection override our feelings of happiness. There are ways to override those heavy feelings and jumpstart a new happiness baseline. By looking at your personal approach to how you spend your leisure time and by being willing to make a few adjustments you could be experiencing a more fulfilled, vibrant, and inspired life.

By learning about the artist/engineer brain and identifying your thought processes you will recognize how you can access your creative genius. Creativity is truly the highest form of HOPE. Creativity is simply moving matter around with a bit of clever rearranging. By rearranging your line of thinking, you will be able to open your mind to the realm of possibilities. We will study the golden mean and the power of color as well as composition and the way we arrange our day to day living. Our focus for the 4 week 30-day challenge is simply bringing awareness to our happy spaces. Remember – what you focus on grows.

Here is a brief outline of what you can expect:

  • Week 1 FIND YOUR HAPPY – What is your line of thinking? You don’t have to be an artist to access the power of creativity. You just need to practice being creative.

  • Week 2 GROW YOUR HAPPY – Recognize the difference between personal process vs. creative process and productive procrastination vs. self-sabotage.

  • Week 3 LIVE YOUR HAPPY – Come to understand how important play is in maintaining higher levels of happiness. What’s your play personality?

  • Week 4 LOVE YOUR HAPPY – Learn how to stay motivated and keep your love for life burning bright. Come to understand the power of passion and how it can help you thrive.

Join me on my next adventure as I bring my love for art and creativity into the personal development and growth arena. Experience yourself in a brand new way as you reconnect to your inner child.

Here is my challenge to all of us: We must take responsibility for our happiness.Keep what it asks to keep and change what it asks to change. Treat it with seriousness and sincerity and give it plenty of time to play.

Come play with us! Join the class now! Limited space available!

Love Always,



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