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Qualitative Research Study About the Impact of the Integrative Processing Technique (IPT)

I believe we learn lessons throughout our lives that help us grow, mature and expand. Think of them as our life’s curriculum. These lessons are not always obvious and usually come with a lot of sacrifice and suffering. It’s important to work through the pain and our personal emotional equations and harvest the learning that has come through these experiences.

I have witnessed thousands of men, women, and children working through their unresolved emotional issues by participating in the Integrative Processing Technique (IPT). These resources help us retrain the brain and find meaning in the suffering.

I have been passionately engaged in this work for over 20 years and I am ready to document the benefits of IPT in a large scale research study. A small team of graduates who are licensed therapists are working with me to gather data, using qualitative research, to study the impact of IPT on those that are at least 18 years or older and have experienced at least one IPT session.

We are putting together this IPT Study Questionnaire that will be launching in July 2023. If you are 18 years or older we invite you to watch for further information about how you can personally be a part of this research.

Documenting the benefits of IPT will be an opportunity to collectively harvest the learning and the wisdom that blossoms in spite of adversity and emotional pain. Harvesting this wisdom does bring resolution, personal power, and generates resilience. IPT offers hope for the masses. Bringing this information forward through this study can illuminate the power of IPT . . . not just for one, but for hundreds, and even thousands more that are looking for relief and healing.

I am so excited to see the fruits of this work come forward in such a way that can offer credibility to this beautiful healing modality.

More information will be sent out in our July 2023 Newsletter about how you can join in with this research study. Stay tuned for more information!

Loves always,


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