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The Bright Red Bow Bundle Includes:

1. The Bright Red Bow Book

2. The Bright Red Bow Workbook

3. The Bright Red Bow Color Chart


Discover the Power of Emotional Processing

Are you looking for guidance or answers to specific emotional health questions or other personal issues? If so, this book may be for you. Years ago Pam Robinson was cycling through the depths of depression and emotional turmoil. Desperate to find relief, she was introduced to the Integrative Processing Technique (IPT), a method of emotional release work. Through it, she found hope and a new calling. In The Bright Red Bow, Pam shares not only her personal journey of healing, but also describes how IPT works and how it can change lives. She shows how to use guided visualization and the power of color and light to release anger and grief, and rediscover inner joy and peace. The Bright Red Bow is more than just one woman’s story, it is a revelation of a new way of living.


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