Saint George, UT



Online Independent Study Trainer, St. George Trainer & Advanced IPT Facilitator

Pam Housley is a Certified Emotional Health Facilitator and Independent Study Trainer for The Institute of Healing Arts. She has facilitated emotional health since 2008.


She has recently relocated to St. George, Utah, and continues to facilitate emotional release over the phone and in person. Pam is a wife and mother of 7 children. She began her journey in emotional health many years ago as she searched for something that would bring healing to her family. She discovered that as she healed herself, her family began to heal. Using the “emotional release process” her world changed and she began to enjoy emotional health.


Pam enjoys reading, playing the piano, being in the sunshine, organic gardening, family gatherings, and healthy cooking.


Lindon, UT



Lindon Campus Trainer & Advanced IPT Facilitator

Connie combines a farm girl childhood, raised in South Central Utah, with a world-traveled military background, on top of a strong service orientation. After serving a mission to Japan for the LDS church, she earned her LPN, and trained and worked in psychiatry while serving in the U.S. Army. Connie and her husband, Patrick, settled in Utah in 1999 with their five children.

Connie established the Heart to Home Foundation, Utah’s own extreme charity home makeover organization, where she served as the project manager and mural artist. Connie is an accomplished artist and musician. She graduated from the Institute of Healing Arts in 2011 and began as a trainer in 2012. Connie continues to teach at IHA, as well as see private clients in her office on campus.


Heber City, UT



Lindon Campus Trainer & Advanced IPT Facilitator

Sara has spent the last twenty years as a cosmetologist. After years of working in front of a mirror trying to convince herself and her clients that physical beauty would bring happiness, Sara came to realize there was more to feeling good with Self than outward appearances.


With divine intervention, she happened upon The Institute of Healing Arts, where she immediately connected with the school’s message and quickly realized this education was exactly what she needed on both a personal and professional level. Sara graduated with a “Clinic in Excellence” award and currently works as a trainer for the school. Sara also has an Emotional Health Practice in Heber City, Utah. Now, as Sara works with her clients, she stands on the other side of the mirror and helps them discover new possibilities from within.

Lindon, UT



Lindon Campus Trainer & Advanced IPT Facilitator

Carrie believes in the victory of the human spirit. She believes it is not only possible to overcome your greatest adversities but to use them as a springboard for your greatest potential and growth. Carrie is gifted at helping clients to see who they truly are, how their experiences can be used for their greater good and to establish new belief systems that help them achieve their highest self. Carrie considers herself a guide who knows how to help others receive true and lasting healing from within.

Carrie owns Ray of Light Mentoring where she works with clients using IPT, personal coaching, and recreational therapy techniques. She works as a trainer at IHA. Previous to IHA, she worked as a Recreational Therapist for Primary Children’s Hospital. She has a bachelor's degree in Recreational Therapy with a focus in Psychiatry and is an Advanced Certified IPT Facilitator.  In her off time, you’ll find her in her art studio, reading, with her family, or out in the sunshine.

Salt Lake City, UT



Salt Lake City Trainer & Advanced IPT Facilitator

April is from California and has lived in Washington, Tokyo Japan, Oregon, and enjoyed San Diego, California for 10 years before settling down in Utah. She comes from a large family where she had ample opportunity to watch family dynamics, marriages, divorces, parenting styles, and death’s play out. April and her husband have five children and four grandchildren so far.


April has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, a master’s degree in Marital and Family Therapy. She is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Utah and is a certified Integrated Processing Technique Facilitator. She specializes in treating the many types of trauma and associated disorders. April’s favorite tool in her therapist toolbox is the Integrated Processing Technique. Clients are deeply grateful for the profound and lasting change IPT sessions make in their lives.

Logan, UT



Logan Trainer & Advanced IPT Facilitator

Melanie has been drawn to holistic health since she was young, learning her first modality (EFT) as a teen. She has since learned multiple other modalities but loves IPT for its effectiveness and profound understanding that comes with it.  She graduated from the Institute of Healing Arts in 2008 and is currently running a practice (True Within You) in Logan Utah.  IPT processing has been a continual support, and seen her through many life changes and paradigm shifts.  She has also seen beautiful shifts for her children and clients through the years.  


Melanie lives in northern Utah with her husband and 4 kids.  She loves to travel the world and experience the diversity of cultures.  Some of her favorite places to go are Italy, Greece, Israel, and Guatemala.  

Barbara Porter.jpg

Tempe, AZ



Tempe Campus Trainer & Advanced IPT Facilitator

Barbara and her husband have been married for 37 years and are the parents of six wonderful children. She has been a trainer for The Institute of Healing Arts Arizona Campus since 2011.

Barbara graduated from The Institute of Healing Arts in 2009 completing the Facilitators Certification and receiving the Clinic in Excellence Award. After experiencing the incredible benefits of IPT for herself and her family, Barbara had a great desire to assist others in finding healing in their lives. She opened her own private Emotional Release practice, True Perceptions, in 2009. Barbara continues to facilitate many people in finding emotional freedom and healing. She is committed to teaching emotional health concepts and skills and assisting those who desire to take ownership of their lives, helping them move forward in ways they have never before experienced.

Cheryl Bigler.jpg

Tempe, AZ




Tempe Campus Trainer & Advanced IPT Facilitator

Cheryl has lived in Arizona for 37 years with her husband, Cliff.  They have four children and four grandchildren. Family, relationships, and music are central to Cheryl’s life. She is an accomplished pianist and piano teacher.

In 2008, Cheryl was introduced to The Institute of Healing Arts and Pam Robinson. As Cheryl worked on stress, negative belief systems, and misperceptions, she found even greater peace in her life. Seeing the positive changes that IPT brought into her life, she wanted to share it with those around her. Cheryl was given the opportunity to study at IHA. She graduated with a Facilitators Certificate in February 2015 and is presently co-trainer for the Arizona Campus. She currently works to help others in her private practice find emotional healing, strengthened relationships, and freedom from pain and dysfunction.

Tucson, AZ



Tucson Trainer & Advanced IPT Facilitator

Jerelyn was born in Provo, Utah, and graduated from BYU with a BA in Theater Arts and Dance. Jerelyn was introduced to Integrative Health by Dr. Andrew Weil who was her mentor and employer. As a Holistic Health Coach, she has been involved with health and wellness for over 20 years.

While learning about emotional health at IHA she became passionate about the program due to the changes she saw in herself and so many others through using IPT. After graduating from IHA with a Facilitator’s Certificate in Excellence, she became a trainer and opened an IHA school in Tucson, as well as her own private business, “Change of Heart.” Jerelyn has witnessed wonderful results in processing private clientele and in emotional health consulting with businesses. Her diverse path was foundational in developing her talent and compassion for helping others realize a life of health and joy.

Lindon, UT



Advanced IPT Facilitator

Diana received her education in Texas and Washington State. She is a graduate of IHA, graduating with Honors and is Bilingual (Spanish/English). Because of her diverse background, she has the ability to address cultural beliefs, behaviors, and the impact they have on families. She is best known for facilitating insight into what is in your heart and self-awareness.

Prior to coming to Utah, Diana spent 17 years as a Caregiver and 10 years as an Employment Specialist for the State of Washington, in addition to raising a family of six. Diana is now the grandmother of 17 grandchildren and has the ability to relate to children of all ages.


IPT Facilitator

During much of her life, Dr. Shaelene Ashby struggled with symptoms of depression, and more recently, chronic pain. Facing these challenges led Shae to learn more about herself, health, and healing. Shae received her bachelor’s degree in Psychology and then continued on to receive her master’s and doctorate degrees in Health Education. Upon graduating, Shae discovered The Institute of Healing Arts. She was drawn to IHA’s emphasis on emotional health education and psycho-neuro immunology. She is now an IHA Certified Facilitator.

Currently, Shae acts as the Director of Rhinology Clinical Research at the University of Utah, in addition to running her own private practice, Well-Life Integrative Health LLC. At Well-Life, Shae provides telehealth (i.e., online & phone) services for adult (18+) clients. Her services include health education, skills training, IPT processing, and mind-body work.


Lindon, UT



IPT Facilitator

Beckie is a seeker of truth, a friend, and an advocate for humanity. She continually seeks for happiness and peace in her own life and wants to have others join her on this path to wholeness. She was led to The Institute of Healing Arts and ‘the process’ as a way to help her better understand and overcome her own personal pain. Her experience was so profound that she devoted herself to the year-long IPT Certification Course in 2012 and graduated with the Facilitator in Excellence award, under the direction of Pam Robinson and Connie Perrett.

As a certified emotional release facilitator, she has joyfully used the process to help others deepen and broaden their emotional intelligence and find peace and healing in their lives.