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Every 3rd Thursday
of the month
7:00 - 9:00 PM


with Pam Robinson, Owner & Director

Experience emotional healing in this free, 2-hour workshop. See how emotional healing works first-hand through exercises and a demonstration of the Integrative Processing Technique (IPT). Pam Robinson shares her story about how she discovered IPT, teaches emotional health principles, demonstrates muscle testing, and invites a volunteer from the audience to experience the Integrative Processing Technique. Bring friends and family, or come curious on your own.  We look forward to sharing this life-changing practice with you.

Investment: FREE


Offered every
Jan, May & Sept

Friday 6:00 - 10:00 PM
Saturday 9:00 - 5:00 PM


with Pam Robinson, Owner & Director

This 2-day training (Friday and Saturday) is designed for anyone interested in learning the fundamentals of emotional health and the four steps of the Integrative Processing Technique. You will also learn about muscle response testing, shapes and colors, and the power of emotions in our health, livelihood, and well-being. Participants will experience a live demonstration, as well as work with another attendee to process one-another with the guidance of a certified facilitator.  This workshop is also recommended for those interested in learning more about becoming a certified IPT facilitator. 

Investment: $499.00


Offered Mar, July & Nov
10:00 AM, ages 4-7
11:15 AM, ages 8-12


with Pam Robinson, Owner & Director

This 1-hour workshop is offered to children as an educational experience to learn about emotional health. Designed for young people 4-12 years of age, the Children’s Clinic is a great way to teach our children about the importance of mindfulness and emotional well-being. In a short hour, students will have the opportunity to learn about their feelings and how to properly express the full range of their emotions. Students will also have an opportunity to play games, color, complete a craft activity, and participate in this experiential learning workshop.

Investment: $35.00

Divine Logic Quote black text.png

Offered Mar & Oct
4 consecutive Wednesdays
6:30 PM - 8:30 PM

DIVINE LOGIC: Navigating the Ocean of Emotion

with Pam Robinson, Owner & Director

Join Pam Robinson's 4-day virtual seminar, Divine Logic, held weekly for 4 consecutive Wednesday evenings. It is a culmination of her work over the past 30 years. This seminar is for all graduates, previous students, current students, and/or anyone interested in increasing their emotional navigation skills. 

Become the captain of your own destiny as you dive deep into the realm of self-care and healing patterns of co-dependency. In this seminar, we will explore 4 different kinds of sea-faring personalities and discover what kind of emotional navigation gifts and strengths you already possess. Other topics include shapes, colors, symbols, and family patterns, as well as mini-processes where you can chart your emotions and work through emotional equations.

Investment: $699.00

bear resized.jpg

Offered Feb & Oct
12:30 - 1:30 PM


with Pam Robinson, Owner & Director

Join Pam Robinson in this lecture series on learning how to use creativity to heal. These four (1-hour) classes will teach you how to access your creative genius, let go of fear and anxiety, and increase levels of self-awareness. You will practice principles of emotional self-reliance and come to understand the power of "visioneering." Classes are held on campus or can be attended online via Zoom for distance learners. This class includes a weekly check-in with your facilitator, one Integrative Processing Technique (IPT) session, a workbook, a 30-day challenge, and a FREE gift!

Investment: $179.00

Eric Ward Sound Bath Image.JPEG

Every 2nd Thursday
of the month
8:00 - 9:00 PM


with Brandon Hill and Eric Ward, CHF

The sound bath experience is a meditation practice aimed to help you reach a state of relaxation. During a sound bath, a variety of instruments are used to create musical cords that “bathe” the body through vibrations. A sound bath also works to balance and heal different chakras, clear your aura, increase your emotional well-being, and bring your mind, body, and spirit into balanced harmony. Wear comfortable clothing. Bring a mat, blanket, pillow, and/or props that will help you rest comfortably throughout this amazing experience. Arrive 5-10 minutes early to find your spot. Entry into the experience will close at the start of the event. No experience is necessary. Come as you are! Registration not required, but appreciated.



Every 2nd Tuesday
of the month
7:00 - 8:30 PM


with Breana Greenwood

Breana Greenwood is a Breathwork facilitator. Her first experience with breathwork was so profound she knew she had to learn how to do this to help herself and others. Breana's two daughters suffer from panic attacks and anxiety. Breathwork has been such a great tool to help them manage those attacks.


Breathwork is guided conscious breathing that allows your body to tap into its parasympathetic nervous system. Some benefits of breathwork are clarity, connecting with your inner self, reduced anxiety and depression, stress relief, releasing trapped emotions, and many more. Registration is not required, but appreciated.

Investment: $35/class


Currently on hiatus


with Connie Perrett, Trainer & Facilitator

Discover your inner artist during this 4-week expressive art course. Learn how to unlock the power of your personal creativity while practicing basic skills and techniques with pencil sketching and acrylic painting. This class includes four lessons held every other Tuesday and is designed for adults ages 16 and older. 

Investment: $100.00

Girl Painter

Currently on hiatus


with Connie Perrett, Trainer & Facilitator

This fantastic 8-week beginner art class will encourage your child to strengthen his or her artistic abilities by learning the fundamentals of art. This class has a strong emphasis on drawing and includes an overview of basic art history, teaches art expressions with watercolor and acrylic paints, as well as experiencing other fun art mediums. Designed for children ages 8-12.

Investment: $100.00

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