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Mindfulness: The Art of Gardening

IHA is thrilled to introduce a NEW workbook/class called MINDFULNESS: The Art of Gardening. This workbook can be found in our SHOP and is now available for purchase. This booklet provides information that supports a growth mindset as well as introduces a NEW Flowering Personality Test.

MINDFULNESS: The Art of Gardening also includes:

  • Steps to finding areas in our lives where we can pull weeds of negative belief systems and plant seeds of truth in the garden of the heart.

  • A guided mini-process where you can release, through coloring, emotional debris and congestion connected to heavy emotions.

  • A simple clearing and an experience with role play.

  • The power of replacing the “old” with something “new” and receiving a gift.

  • Meaning of the colors, both negative and positive.

  • A positive perspective about how to continually find beauty and embrace the ART OF LIVING.

  • Ideas about how to harvest personal gifts and strengths that have grown out of personal struggles.

  • Five mindfulness coloring pages.

This booklet can be used on an individual basis or in a small group setting with an IHA Graduate leading the group. Current students who are enrolled in IHA can now invite friends and family or other IHA clients to purchase the booklet and can then receive credit for one clinic process that is counted towards their IPT Certification.

Not only is this booklet being used individually, but it is also being used in small group settings as IPT graduates are sharing the information in this booklet in book clubs and other small classroom settings. This beautifully bound booklet is designed to offer hope and perspective as we are all striving to understand how to GROW THROUGH WHAT YOU GO THROUGH.


If you purchase this new booklet, MINDFULNESS: The Art of Gardening Mini-Process, you will receive a matching bag for half off! This offer extends NOW through the month of August.

ORDER NOW and help yourself and others continue to expand their individual abilities for emotional health and sustainability. Discover your unique flowering personality by learning more about your personal strengths and gifts! Shop

I love this mini-process for adults!

Keep Smiling!



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