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The Art of Gratitude

Many of us experience tender moments when we see a beautiful sunset or the color of the leaves in the fall, or the majesty of the ocean as the mist of the spray brushes up against our face. Our heart naturally swells with gratitude for the beauty we see in the world around us. A feeling of thankfulness expands in our hearts at those moments when we are laughing and reminiscing with a loved one like a mother or father, a child or a spouse and we are flooded with appreciation and love for them and those happy memories.

Gratitude is that deep feeling inside of us where we acknowledge that what we are experiencing at that moment in time is bigger than who we are and brings meaning to our lives. This ability to find deeper meaning in our everyday living takes time to fully develop. It takes practice and patience to cultivate the ART of gratitude and thankfulness.

Emotional maturity can be magnified when we can transfer feelings of gratitude about things that would be obvious and easy to recognize, into situations that are difficult challenges in our lives.

Accessing gratitude in spite of facing troubling circumstances is where growth happens. Facing issues that continue for a long period of time and being able to practice the art of thankfulness in adversity, during a health crisis, financial struggle, or family issues can take great courage. Being able to flip our focus and serve others and express gratitude to someone else during times of our own personal loneliness or isolation reflects greatness and expands our soul. Finding gratitude during these difficult situations helps us transcend our own suffering.

Using the power of mindfulness, and choosing how you will respond can be empowering and welcomes a different perspective which then changes how we feel.

Rather than sinking into despair or victimhood, we have the capacity to choose gratitude, find joy and feelings of thankfulness in all areas of our lives. Embrace your power, and continue to grow and develop YOUR personal ability for gratitude and thankfulness . . . no matter what is happening around you.

"Practicing thankfulness cultivates a grateful heart in all circumstances."

-Sam Crabtree

Happy Thanksgiving and God Bless,



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