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What is Divine Logic?

Divine Logic means working through emotional issues or emotional equations using 12 elementary math principles.

The universe is written in a mathematical language of basic geometric shapes. Circles, triangles, and squares are the alphabet of this symbolic language. Those who learn to read and use this universal code are also able to think and act with much better clarity.

Sacred geometry is also known as sacred symbolism. These symbols are part of a pattern that is behind everything in this world. They are the blueprint of creation and bring understanding to the hidden meanings of shapes. Learning symbolic sight can help connect the dots as your mind, body, and spirit access this information which is already written in the subconscious.

Great scientists, spiritual leaders, and visionaries all had great access to understanding and interpreting the language of symbols and sacred geometry. We live in an energetic universe, and geometrical shapes have the ability to mobilize change and influence the direction of energy.

Divine logic is a true fusion of numerology and geometry which can help move us through emotional healing and personal transformation. Using the simplicity of symbolism as a language to reprogram old belief systems, we can facilitate understanding, awareness, and healing.

To learn more about aligning your healing journey with simple math facts and principles of truth, join us at our upcoming Seminar -

I hope to see you there!

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