Interested in teaching emotional health education classes for children? 


There are 4 different curricula to choose from:

  • Friendly Feelings - This 1-hour class helps children learn how to recognize light feelings and heavy feelings and how to process those feelings in a healthy way. Children also learn how to express how they feel and to ask for what they want instead of relying on immature behaviors to get love and attention.

  • Hungry Hearts - This 1-hour class helps children explore negative behaviors that may be interfering with giving and receiving the love that their hungry hearts need and want.

  • Seeds of Love - This 1-hour class helps children understand that seeds of love have been in the "garden of their hearts" from before they were born and that mom and dad help nurture those seeds with their love and care. 

  • Emotional Guidance Detective - This 1-hour class helps children become aware of how shapes and colors can be used as a visual language that can help them decipher the feelings of their hearts.


♥ Each class is designed to meet the needs of families in learning healthy ways to respond to feelings and emotions. The concepts are taught with simple principles and include activities such as words and pictures, art therapy, puzzles, journaling, activities to build self-esteem, and learning to read the language of the heart. Teaching these classes is a great way to introduce children and parents to the IPT process. 


Each class in a box includes all the supplies necessary to teach a class including:

  • 10 Emotional Health Workbooks for your students

  • Class notes and an outline for you (teachers)

  • Stories, games, and craft ideas

  • Coloring pages and activity materials

Children's Curriculum

Curricula Options:



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