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For Career/Personal Growth

In-Class or Home Study

Our certification courses are designed at different levels to meet your career/personal growth needs.

For Anyone

In-person or Online

For All Ages

In-person or Over-the-Phone

We offer sound baths, art classes, children's classes, IPT introduction classes, and more!

Schedule an Integrative Processing Technique Session with a certified facilitator or with a current student.

What is the Integrative Processing Technique?


The Integrative Processing Technique (IPT) is a 4-step process that utilizes behavioral kinesiology and the intelligence of the body to identify the age of origination where past unresolved trauma needs to be addressed. IPT is a blend of many modalities including behavioral kinesiology, guided imagery, role play, inner child work, visualization, and psycho-neuro immunology. IPT is organized in such a way that it assists the client in working through and releasing toxic emotions and outdated belief systems.

What People Say

April Bennett

April L. Bennett, LMFT

“As a psychotherapist, I love using IPT in my practice. One of my colleague's clients transferred to me per the mother’s request. This client could not sit still, did not have boundaries, and could not stay focused. After about five months of work, including IPT sessions, my colleague and I held a conjoint session where she could see the changes this client had made. She could not believe this responsive, more regulated client was the same person. IPT creates movement for change, and clients express gratitude for this more effective type of therapy.”

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