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Dreams Do Come True

I have currently received texts and emails from past graduates about the year-long IPT Certification Course. Some of these students attended in the early years when we were just beginning. These messages have been kind and very generous, full of appreciation for this work and how it has blessed their lives. I know that when we first started this journey in 1999, we had no idea where it would take us. Starting the school was bold and innovative, and I think at times challenging because we pushed for reformation in the mental and emotional health field.

The very seeds that were planted in the hearts of the early students have borne fruit and we now have families with 2 and 3 generations of graduates from IHA. We have mothers and fathers teaching their children the principles of the IPT process in their own homes and children teaching children how to color out their heavy feelings.

I have been able to witness IPT as it continues to bless the lives of those that participate as students. I have watched those that have had clinic sessions or attended children’s clinics and previews who are now enrolled in our new Graduate Program. I am grateful for the Core Curriculum and how it was designed to teach the basic building blocks of IPT as well as reinforcing brain health, energy systems, and spiritual technology.

This knowledge and information has now been refined, edited, and even bolstered because of the additional notes called the NEW WAVE CURRICULUM which has been added in 2020 and 2021. We have made some adjustments to the original curriculum by moving from four quarters into three 16-week levels. We are also celebrating the addition of the IPT LECTURE NOTEBOOKS, where the original recordings, lectures, and demos can continue to be a part of our ongoing studies and research about the benefits of IPT.

  • If you are an IHA graduate interested in revisiting the IPT curriculum or refreshing your IPT processing skills, call the front desk at 801-785-5259 for information on auditing the year-long IPT Certification Course.

  • If you are an IHA graduate interested in continuing your education, check out our NEW Graduate Program here.

I, personally, want to thank our tireless team of people who have been working with me on this project for almost a year now. They have made it possible for this information to be prepared for those that engage with IPT in the future. I offer my most heartfelt expressions of gratitude for these amazing people and their efforts on this project. It has been beautifully branded and organized in a way that is easy to understand and digest.

I want to thank Hannah Bischoff and Shanna Louder as well as Tanalei Naluai for their dedication and hours and hours of graphic design work, editing and building our new website. I also want to thank Diana Nield, Rachel Baird, Rashel Jacobsen, and Jessica Robinson at the front desk for their continued support and our Trainers: Connie Perrett, Sara Thacker, Carrie Cummings, Pam Housley, Barbara Porter, Cheryl Bigler, and Jerelyn Gardner for their patience and for their helpful and inspired feedback.

I also want to thank Brianne Hardy, who has helped us “connect to” and “participate in” the Generations Conference and Critical Issues in 2020 and 2021. Shaelene Ashby, Ph.D., who has laid out the next steps for IPT research and evidence-based studies, and April L. Bennett, LMFT, for believing so much in IPT and our program that she is becoming a trainer herself. Her feedback about the curriculum has been priceless.

It has been quite an adventure and if asked if I would do it again . . . I would reply, "ABSOLUTELY if it meant meeting and loving each one of you!"

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams!

--Eleanor Roosevelt

Thank you for being a part of my journey!



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