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What is Divine Logic?

Divine Logic is a 12-step emotional health solutions class designed and taught by IHA Director Pam Robinson. This inspired class guides students on a journey across the seas of consciousness to increase emotional intelligence using simple math facts.

Divine Logic provides students with a new wave of healing. During class, students will discover their own sea-faring archetype by taking a personality test, discover what kind of emotional navigation gifts and strengths they already possess, and gain better methods for emotional self-care as they learn to chart their emotions using a mini-IPT process.

Students will also dive deep into the realm of self-care and healing patterns of co-dependency. Other topics explored include:

  • Muscle testing

  • How to heal patterns of co-dependency

  • Generational patterns

  • Time travel

  • Neuroscience and enlightenment

  • Sacred geometry

  • Symbolic sight

  • Meanings of color

  • The power of symbols

  • Emotional math equations

If you've ever felt like you need support staying afloat with your emotions, then this class is for you!

You are the captain of your own destiny. Learn how to use the tools this class provides to set sail and use the power of emotion to heal from the past and propel you into a brighter future. We invite you to join us on this life changing journey.




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