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Remember to Breathe

Interestingly enough, moving into 2022 can bring up concerns about change as we move into the future. Because of so much uncertainty in present time with personal loss of loved ones, jobs, financial security, or having to make adjustments with health conditions because of covid, moving into 2022 can be generating concerns about what this next year will bring.

These feelings of anxiety about the unknown can oftentimes be challenging. Here are 12 tips you can use to continue to develop mindfulness and overcome the fear of change:

  1. Accept the situation but don’t resign yourself to it!

  2. See failure as something positive.

  3. Celebrate every little success.

  4. Be responsible.

  5. Be patient.

  6. Step outside your comfort zone.

  7. Be sure to find humor in your day-to-day life. Keep laughing.

  8. Focus on your values instead of your fears.

  9. Notice how your fear of change or loss might be connected to something in the past. Get an IPT Process and notice how your ability to deal with present time circumstances is improved.

  10. See change as an adventure.

  11. Continue to set goals in spite of uncertainty.

  12. Keep a gratitude journal.

As we move into 2022 allow yourself time to transition from the holidays into mentally and physically preparing for a new year. Be patient with self and be sure to do self-care along the way. Don't be so quick to get back into the grind of over-scheduling or over-doing, make sure you allow yourself time to breathe.

Balanced living means maintaining responsibilities while bringing consciousness and awareness to self-care. Healthy, abundant people do not spend all their resources all at once, but have mastered the ability to conserve their personal energy, space, and time. Not only do we need to breathe to survive, but we must allow the power of the breath to create space and time in our everyday living. Allow your life to breathe.

I am still working on these very basic emotional health concepts. I give myself permission for imperfection and humanness in this area. I allow myself opportunities to continue to learn how to breathe more effectively, where I am living in such a way, that I can truly honor self and honor others at the same time.

Let’s let our unified intent for 2022 be to breathe in between the “bus-i-ness” of everyday living, continue to do our personal healing, and trust that we can handle our lives and the changes we are facing.

Let’s invite the very act of breathing to calm any anxiety we may have internally and may we exercise the power of breath externally to create personal space and time as we usher in a Happy New Year!

Remember to breathe,



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