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Seeing God's Hand in the Details

Here is the latest update on our IPT RESEARCH STUDY:

We are currently completing our application for the IRB Board in which they will be giving us the final approval to release the IPT Research Study Questionnaire. We have been diligently preparing for this next step for 8 months now. And I am just offering an update to let you know that once we have approval we will be launching the study with an EASY 1, 2, 3 approach. We will be sending out a link where you will be able to:

  1. Register

  2. Sign a Consent Form

  3. Answer the IPT Study Questionnaire and Submit

I truly appreciate everyone’s enthusiasm and wiliness to participate. I am hoping that these next few weeks bring us closer to crossing the finish line with this research study. We will keep you posted and let you know the specific launch date!

What I have learned while I have been coordinating this project is that the specific individuals, systems, resources, knowledge, and information that you need to make things happen, appear right on time. It has been a lesson about trusting God’s timing and his plan for this information to come forward. Even though it looks like I have been in charge of this . . . it’s really been God who is in the driver’s seat and I am the passenger. I haven’t been able to make it go any faster, or make it happen in the time frame I thought it should. . . and there have been some delays and unexpected requirements and detours along the way. But as we are getting closer I can see that God’s hand has played out in such amazing ways. I have witnessed miracles as things have fallen into place.

Thank you for your support and love along the way. I trust that God is still in control as we move into these final weeks of preparation and approval.

May we all continue to celebrate God’s hand in the details of our lives!



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