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The Healing Grove

As I reflect back on my healing path, I offer a heartfelt expression of gratitude for how the IPT process has helped me work through my own struggles and challenges in life. The process itself has definitely become a place of refuge for me personally. IPT has offered healing and hope and has brought together the many wounded parts of me and restored them to a place of harmony within myself. I think about the unification of my wounded soul and how my healing only reinforced my desire to offer this same transformation to others.

In the beginning, I could see that my efforts to share IPT grew out of my own grateful heart. And through continued observation and research about what IPT was doing for me, I also saw the hearts of many friends and family members find respite in IPT. I have witnessed many students who have become certified in IPT and have seen that as they heal, they have been able to reach out and lift those that have been broken and sickly. As they have become strong within themselves they have turned around and offered help and assistance to others as IPT facilitators. These facilitators have invited others into this healing space and have provided nurturing and emotional first aid to those in their circle of influence.

Just recently. I was walking through a beautiful natural setting, and I could see the plants and trees reaching for the sun. The day was warm, which felt delightful because of the many months of enduring a wet, snowy winter in Utah.

On this early spring day, I saw a sign on someone’s back fence placed so that those walking by could read its message. The sign revealed that the family owned a landscaping company and had created a safe place in their backyard to act as a Healing Grove. A refuge for trees, shrubs, and plants to be given a second chance, and much to their surprise these trees and shrubs survived and even thrived in this special place in their backyard.

I could see that in the spring and summer, it would be a beautiful shady spot for rest and reprieve. It was a place where the trees had continued to grow and were obviously thriving. I could also see sickly trees trying to straighten their trunks and hold their sickly branches up, these trees were definitely working to recover. I could see the strength of the plant life that had been nurtured and taken care of, actually offering strength to those trees and shrubs that were striving to recover.

The sign said, “This Healing Grove is a lot like life. Some people are injured, broken, sickly, or damaged. Many are discarded or drift along unseen and left by the wayside. However, if given fertile soil, and a loving caretaker, they too will flourish. May you reach out to those that need refuge, and donate to causes that are designed to provide a safe place, a warm meal, and a message of love and hope. Then, like the trees of this Healing Grove, they will enrich us and provide shade from the heat of life and live together in harmony.”

It deeply touched my heart, for I could see that all of us in our humanness, need a second chance. A safe place where my inner child could be re-parented, nurtured, and given some emotional first aid and tender care. And that once we have the strength within ourselves, to then be willing, even motivated to strengthen others along their own healing journey.

For almost 25 years, Institute of Healing Arts has provided a safe place for recovery and healing for those whose hearts are heavy or who may be lacking joy, love, or connection. It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost a quarter of a century since I started to share with others, the value of the Integrative Processing Technique (IPT). Over the years there have been thousands who have benefited from this simple, and yet powerful modality. I hope with all my heart that Institute of Healing Arts continues to provide a place of refuge and reprieve, that it will be known as a place of nurturing and caregiving for those who are broken, injured, or who need a second chance . . . even a Healing Grove.

Continue on your healing journey. . . . .Don’t give up!




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