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What Will You Create in 2024?

As we celebrate the end of another year and transition into 2024, my heart is full of gratitude for the continued and sustained help and support from my IHA team of office staff, trainers, and facilitators. As a team, we celebrate our attendance at the Generations Conference as well as partnering with Aspen Grove Behavioral Hospital. And a big “shout out” to Erica Larsen and April Bennett for the IPT research study that came forward in 2023. If you haven’t had a chance to take the survey, please click on the link below and add your experience to hundreds of others who have already participated in the study. The study closes on January 31, 2024.


As we think about what the New Year will hold for us I think it is important to acknowledge that what the New Year brings to us will depend on what we bring to the New Year. With so many of us working to bring emotional issues to closure, we get to harvest the fruits of our labors in 2024. We get to enter the New Year with new feels, new chances, same dreams, and fresh starts. 

The New Year brings an opportunity for a reset. A time to let go of what is no longer needed and a renewed determination to continue to move forward. This time of renewal helps us to evaluate where we are in achieving our long term goals and what else we need to do to bring our dreams into reality.  

I am seeking to be inspired about where my focus and energy should be directed in this upcoming year. When setting goals I trust that all those on the other side of the veil are assisting me in reaching the desires of my heart. When designing new areas of focus for the New Year, I also try to remember the following:

  • Seek inspiration about goals/dreams

  • Write down goals 

  • Meditate/visualize about the goals

  • Use affirmations both written and verbalized

  • Daily Gratitude Practice

  • Celebrate progress

  • Ask for support in reaching your goals/dreams

  • Be open to receiving what you want

  • Believe that it can happen

  • Stay committed

Celebrate your growth and progress in 2023 and be the designer of your dreams in 2024. What the New Year brings to us will depend on what we bring to the New Year. 




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