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Emotional Fitness For Every BODY

Let’s Get in Shape Emotionally!

Many of us are experiencing mental burn-out and emotional flabbiness. We have poor mental and emotional tone. We are lazy in our ability to focus or sloppy with how we are using our memory because technology takes over for us. Let’s get in shape!

Staying in shape emotionally takes focus and attention. Manage your own emotional self-reliance for the month of October by participating in our program Emotional Fitness for Every BODY. You will have an opportunity to bring negative emotional patterns and behaviors to the forefront. By bringing these to your attention you will be able to “let go” of what is no longer needed. We must work to re-train the brain and re-write new patterns of emotional muscle memory.

This can be done as you focus on the steps outlined, as well as completing one-on-one sessions with your IHA emotional health coach or facilitator.

Focus on completing 1 process per week. We have students that are in their fourth quarter of school and would be more than happy to offer clinic processes for only $25.00 a session. Afterwards record your experience in your journal. Write down your feelings during the week and spend time documenting your observations and feelings. Read through the material and do the activities listed below. Again, retraining the brain can be easy and simple… it just means focusing on some of these activities on a daily basis.

Mental/Emotional Workout:

  • Weekly classes at IHA

  • QiGong Class 1st Thursday

  • Sound Bath 2nd Thursday

  • Free Preview 3rd Thursday

  • Yoga 4th Thursday

Individual/Personal Workout:

  • 1 process each week with a clinic student (if possible)

  • Journal daily

  • Follow through with meditation and breathing exercises recorded on the Meditation and Chakra CDs (these can be purchased at IHA as a 2-for-1 in the month of October)

  • Practice mindfulness by showing kindness to those around you

  • Create personal affirmations and say them several times during the day, say them while you are getting ready in the morning, during lunch, while you are driving, and just before you go to bed

  • Participate in an activity that you love to do for strengthening personal self-care muscles

  • Go for a walk, run, ride a bike or do physical exercise

I promise as you engage more fully in your personalized Emotional Fitness for Every BODY you will notice greater levels of happiness and an improved sense of well-being. You are the one that holds the power to your emotional/mental health. Take charge and commit now to actively focus on getting into better shape emotionally through the month of October! DO IT! Take the challenge!

Love always,



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