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Emotional Health For Children

Institute of Healing Arts is offering 4 SMART HEARTS for Kids Emotional Health Workbooks. These are coloring books that teach emotional health concepts to children. Now, more than ever, children need resources to help them work through heavy emotional feelings being generated because of the pandemic. This crisis situation, as well as other difficult situations facing friends, family, and communities, start to weigh heavily on children, especially because there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight. Depressed feelings occur when someone, even children, experience sadness or a sense of powerlessness over long periods of time. These heavy feelings can be addressed with productive anger release, where no harm is done to self or others, but working through heavy feelings in creative ways helps restore “feel good” feelings. Coloring is a wonderful way to release heavy feelings and it's something that kids can learn and do on their own. These 4 workbooks guide children through emotional congestion by using a rebus. A rebus is a story being told with the use of words and pictures. These workbooks help children identify what they can do to stay in touch with their happiness and their own personal joy. Also, working through layers of heavy feelings helps children learn simple steps to release mad or sad feelings that may be blocking their ability to connect to their personal sense of well-being.

FRIENDLY FEELINGS: This workbook is used in our children’s clinic and can be a great tool to remind children that they can “do something good with their heavy feelings.” It also provides information about how heavy feelings are important information and that releasing the heavy emotions in productive, creative ways can help the heart return to feelings of joy and happiness. SHOP

HUNGRY HEARTS: This workbook helps the child to explore negative behaviors that may be interfering with giving and receiving the love that their hungry heart needs and wants. It suggests that using words instead of behavior could result in getting their needs met in easy and simple ways. It puts more responsibility on the child to use their skills of communication in “saying how they feel and asking for what they want.” SHOP

SEEDS OF LOVE: With this workbook, the child understands that seeds of love have been in the garden of the heart from before they were born and that mom and dad help nurture those seeds with their love and care. When emotional storms happen there can be feelings of pain and hurt and if left unattended, can grow feelings of bitterness and resentment. These weeds of heavy feelings can be identified and released through coloring, which then allows more space in the heart for love and reconnection. SHOP

EMOTIONAL GUIDANCE DETECTIVE: In this workbook, the child becomes aware of how shapes and colors can be used as a visual language that can help them decipher the feelings of their heart. Children learn about different codes where information and messages are communicated using specific languages. The child is invited to write their own emotional code using SHAPES AND COLORS. SHOP

These books are being offered on the website for only $12.00 per book.

SMART HEARTS FOR KIDS EMOTIONAL HEALTH EDUCATION COLLECTION: However, in preparation for our Children’s Clinic being held Sat. March 6, we are offering all 4 workbooks for the price of 3 which is only $36.00 plus shipping and handling. SHOP SPECIAL PRICE

This gives you an opportunity to support your children emotionally using IHA SMART HEARTS for KIDS. Check out these resources now available at Let this be a healing year, especially for the tender hearts of our children.

Love Always, Pam


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