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Good Morning Mondays

We are inviting you to JOIN us for weekly discussions, emotional guidance and insight, support and connection as we GATHER together online at “Good Morning Mondays with Pam Robinson” held every Monday at 10:00 am. ALL Graduates, current students and guests are welcome!

We have had some heart-felt, amazing discussions as participants share what’s on their hearts and what they are experiencing during these times of crises. We have heard inspirational stories, cried and laughed together, offered ideas about how to do self-care and still serve others. Meeting together is something we all look forward to each week. There is a sense of belonging and community and you are definitely welcome. Previously recorded “Good Morning Mondays with Pam Robinson” are available here.

Some changes we have made in response to the COVID-19 shutdown, was to bring the on-campus and satellite schools to our online virtual classroom. Because of the high demand and request for support, we are continuing the 2 for 1 clinic special through the month of May. You purchase the amount of processes you would like and have until April 30, 2021 to schedule the sessions.

We are very aware of the effects of long term crises situations on the mental and emotional health of those that are experiencing the current circumstances of social distancing and quarantine. We are concerned about the loss of employment and business shut downs as well as the long term effects on families and communities.

We want to offer our love and support to all of you as we are working to transition into the stabilization phase and then into recovery. We are here for you and moving forward into the future IHA will continue to offer services and support! We can do this better together! God bless you and your loved ones!

Loves always,



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