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Hope For A Brighter Future

I would like to start off by expressing my heart-felt gratitude for all of our trainers, office employees and students that have continued to show their faith in the Institute of Healing Arts throughout this year as we have tried to navigate the pandemic. We have learned so much and are so grateful for your continued support and loyalty. We are committed to continue the IPT Certification Course in a hybrid fashion as we move into 2021, which includes on campus classes with a virtual classroom option, as well as our independent program which is also online. So grateful for our Arizona satellite classrooms as well. We love you Arizona!

What we have been able to accomplish this year in spite of the pandemic has been phenomenal. We were able to launch a new website, speak virtually at both Generations and Critical Issues, which are 2 statewide conferences for mental health providers, and we just received an invitation to speak and present at Generations May 2021.

We have added additional content to our original CORE Curriculum which is called NEW WAVE Curriculum. This bolsters our material and content as it continues to offer the most current research and information that supports IPT. We continue to offer our Graduate Support Program as continuing education for graduates with a processing lab where you can continue to stay involved in your own personal work. The graduate program is held every 2nd and 4th Tuesday evenings of each month. We have hosted two Qi Gong 5-day intensives as well as held our Foundations Weekend Trainings and Children's Clinics throughout the year. Our ROPES experience in October was one of the highlights of our year and was seriously such an amazing experience.

It’s been a good year in spite of the civil unrest and fallout of COVID-19. I offer my gratitude and my commitment to continue to keep the Institute of Healing Arts open in spite of these global challenges as we move forward into the new year. May God bless you and your families as you continue to navigate these unprecedented times. As I look back on this year, I am especially grateful for the IPT process that has helped me personally navigate my internal world and helped me find peace and comfort in spite of the external turmoil. The process truly helps us stay emotionally connected and sustained, and for that I am so grateful.

One of the most important lessons I have learned is how important it is to embrace kindness on even deeper levels than I did before. I have also learned more lessons about self-forgiveness and I have expanded my capacity to forgive others. It’s all too easy to have a short fuse with the ones we love. 2020 has helped us recognize how to disarm our anger and find ways to work with others in better and more effective ways.

While violence and discrimination are still common, collectively we have begun to turn down the volume on our species’ base instincts, and even with that we still have plenty of work left to do. I still choose to believe in the higher good of humanity and the cooperative tendencies that have allowed humankind to thrive. The more we strive to find commonality and see one another as members of the human family—the more we can snuff out those circumstances that engage the brain’s faculties for cruelty and violence. If there is anything we should be taking with us into 2021-- it’s KINDNESS. In doing this we can empower ourselves and others to be kinder and to live kinder. May we each continue to do our part to help heal ourselves and bring forward a new world.

Loves Always,



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