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Integrative Processing Technique (IPT) Research Study 2023

Hello Beautiful People!

As the owner/director of the Institute of Healing Arts I am excited to announce our 2023 Integrative Processing Technique (IPT) Research Study! If you are either a graduate, a current student, or have experienced at least one process with a clinic student or a facilitator, you are invited to participate in a large scale study about your experiences with IPT.

Qualitative research is the process of collecting and analyzing data. We want to assess, evaluate, and analyze how IPT processing impacts the lives of individuals. This would include everyone who has participated in an IPT session recently AND those that have been receiving IPT sessions over a long period of time. We are looking for patterns, as well as evaluating the impact on mental/emotional health of a variety of people.

If you qualify and choose to participate in this research study, we need your help. It will involve filling out a consent form and answering a questionnaire in the summer of 2023. This will include doing your best to remember how you were feeling BEFORE the session/s and how you were feeling AFTER the session/s. It doesn’t matter if you experienced your first session 20 years ago or last week, your personal experience will be of value in this study.

If you noticed or felt an internal change after one IPT session or many IPT sessions, you qualify to participate in this study. If you experienced a lighter mood, more clarity, greater capacity for self-love, forgiveness, an emotional release, or an increase of peace and understanding, you qualify. AND if the experience was NOT all that you thought or hoped it would be, you qualify to participate in this study. We need to hear your voice and we need to document your experience. We want well-rounded, honest data and we are looking to you to help make this happen.

Please feel free to invite friends and family members that have also experienced an IPT session to participate in the study. We would love to document as many experiences as we can.

Watch for more information to come in the next few weeks. Thank you for your love and support throughout all these years!

Loves always,



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