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Integrative Processing Technique Well Received at Generations 2020!

IPT was very well represented at the most recent Utah Generations Conference for Mental/Emotional Health Care Professionals. Pam Robinson presented in a one and half hour breakout session where she educated and demonstrated behavioral kinesiology and the 4 steps of the process. The information was presented “preview” style which included an IPT process with a demonstration.

A short presentation taught by Pam Robinson on the second day of the conference included information about how to adapt the process to children. Pam discussed the power of shapes and colors and giving abstract heavy feelings form that can then be released through coloring. In her PPP she showed several examples of children coloring and their expressions of mad and sad feelings. 

Pam helped therapists understand that there are ways to interpret shapes and colors as a visual language that can support emotional release during an IPT session. She explained that shapes and colors have both a negative meaning and a positive meaning. When the heavy feelings are absorbed up with light they are then replaced with a visual symbol or gift. The gift can add depth and meaning to the process. For example, when a key is given as a gift it can be symbolic of “new knowledge” or information that can help find solutions for healing. A puppy as a gift can represent unconditional love. Receiving a book as a gift can mean letting go of generational patterns and rewriting the family narratives.

The third day of the conference was an 8-hour interactive presentation with some participating in person and most forming an online audience. This training provided 8 CEU credits for therapists. The therapists were shown the simple basics of behavioral kinesiology with opportunities to practice self-testing both in the class room and at home. Pam provided an adult demonstration of the IPT process just before lunch. In the afternoon there was discussion about the game and in the final segment of the class, Pam demonstrated the process with a 13 year old girl, showing the power of coloring when working through trauma. 

Graduates of the year-long IPT Certification Course also participated. April Bennett M.A. LMFT shared about how the IPT process is helping with her clientele. Kate Hoffers CMHC presented 2 case studies and explained how the process is being used in her practice. Brianne Hardy, was there as well and participated as an integral part in coordinating the presence of IHA at this year’s generation conference. 

IHA is proud to announce that Pam and the information about the IPT process was very well received at Generations 2020. She would like to express a heartfelt “thank you” to ALL those that have been behind the scenes this past year in working to make this happen. 

IHA is looking forward to participating at Critical Issues Facing Children and Adolescents in October. Be sure to stay connected by attending our monthly “previews” every third Thursday of every month and joining us for the IPT Foundations Training (also known as the weekend training) being held on September 19 and 20.


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