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It's Time To Get Involved And Join A Class At IHA!

In spite of our current circumstances with the COVID-19 shutdown, IHA continues to offer emotional support and services for individuals and families during this unique time in history. We are still holding sound baths, previews, classes, processing sessions, and in June we will be holding our IPT Foundations Class also known as our Weekend Training. Our IPT Foundations Class will be held on June 19 & 20, 2020.

Having done research for almost 25 years using IPT PROCESS and other modalities, I would like to add my voice to those who have experienced accelerated growth with individualized work in small groups. When we can establish a safe place and recognize that we are with people that care about us and that we trust, we are more likely to participate in releasing and replacing the misperceptions about ourselves and embrace the truth about our worth and value. In doing our personal work, one-on-one with a trainer or a fellow class member, our wounds heal and we start to experience emotional maturity and integration.

Those in our small group classes inspire us and offer hope as they reflect back to us, our own successes and triumphs over adversity. In small groups, there are multi-dimensional levels of learning. The curriculum can and does stand alone in what it can offer, but then adds the learning that comes from small group discussions and personal interactions. Participating in the processing labs inside helps facilitate explosive personal growth.

If you have been sitting on the sidelines and you are already aware of the value of emotional health and taking responsibility for your personal well-being it’s time to join a group! If you continue to find excuses as to why you couldn’t possibly participate, it’s time to focus on the reasons why you should!

WEEKEND TRAINING is a wonderful way to access information about muscle testing, the steps of the process, and examining games and behaviors that self-sabotage your personal progress as well as identify the gifts that come out of our personal conflicts. You get to learn the complete “4-step process” and with the assistance of a coach, receive a process that is individualized to your specific needs. Learn how you can take charge of your “mind space”, manage your own automated thought systems, and use that power to activate your full potential.

Love, Pam


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