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Our New Website

This year we have so much to be grateful for as we honor all of you that have attended classes, previews and trainings as students here at IHA. So many of you have participated in the year-long IPT Certification Course and have recommended the course to friends and family and for that we are extremely grateful. Each of you has been an important part of our growth as you have left an energetic footprint here at the school and touched our hearts in such tender ways. This year we have reached some important mile markers for IHA as we attended Generations Conference for mental health professionals this past August. We were well received at this conference and we were able to present in a total of 3 different settings. We were able to do a break-out session (preview style), a 20-minute segment presenting information about shapes and colors and how we adapt the process to children, and an 8-hour post conference training where therapists were able to go in-depth about the healing powers of IPT. We are so happy to announce that we will be presenting IPT Processing at Critical Issues Facing Youth and Adolescents for mental health providers in October of this same year. It has been remarkable that IPT, now recognized as a practice-based modality, is being acknowledged as a tool that can bring healing to those that have experienced trauma. IPT is also being seen as a modality that can help heal dysfunctional family patterns and has the power to bring a sense of well-being and healing. Those of you that have attended IHA have truly shown up as change agents in your families and have helped alter the future trajectory of your family by working on your own past issues. Those that come after you have been greatly blessed because of the work that you have done in their behalf. You are truly pioneers in addressing mental/emotional health issues as you have engaged in using IPT. When used as a forgiveness tool, IPT truly heals generational patterns.

In celebration of our 20 year Anniversary, we are proud to announce that we have launched a new website. This website will not only benefit those students that have already attended but, will also benefit current students as well as those that will be attending IHA in the future. There is so much up-to-date content and user friendly opportunities to sign up for children’s clinic, clinic sessions, sound baths, qi-gong classes, as well as the year-long IPT Certification Course. This has been an amazing undertaking because of the specific needs of IHA as a school. We would like to thank Tanalei Naluai for implementing change and making this all happen. As well as Diana Nield, Pam Banta and Shara Rodriquez for being the voices that helped moved this project forward at the very beginning. A special “thank you” to Rachael Baird who has been such an integral part in transitioning from the old website to our beautiful, newly designed website. To all of you that have been a part of this vision, as a student, or behind the scenes, I extend my personal appreciation to each of you. All of us collectively, have experienced growth and progress manifested in amazing ways here at IHA. I can attest, as one of the stewards of the IPT process, that DREAMS do come true! Please check out the Institute of Healing Art’s beautiful new website at Loves Always, Pam


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