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September Classes Offered in 3 New Locations

HERE’S THE SCOOP ABOUT WHAT IS HAPPENING IN SEPTEMBER 2021! If you have found value in IHA - through processing, previews, weekend training, and the IPT Certification Course - we now have three new locations where your friends and family can also participate at the Institute of Healing Arts. The following trainers are taking private clients as well as facilitating NEW classes in their areas:

Pam Housley April L. Bennett, LMFT Melanie McFarland Saint George, UT Salt Lake City, UT Logan, UT TBD Tues 5:00-9:00 PM Tues 9:30-1:30 PM

Get to know all our trainers and read their bios here. For the September classes, there are opportunities for $2000.00 scholarships for new students in any of our locations:

  • Online Independent Study (At home Course)

  • Lindon, UT - Wed 5-9p

  • Lindon, UT - Thurs 9a-1p

  • Salt Lake City, UT - Tues 5-9 PM

  • Logan, UT - Tues 9:30-1:30 PM

  • St. George, UT - TBD

  • Tempe, AZ - Tues 6-10p

  • Tucson, AZ - Wed 6-9:30p

We hope to see you in one of our upcoming classes! If you are a graduate of the school and would like to open up an IPT Certification Course in your area contact the school at 801-785-5259 or email us at Happy Summer! Loves, Pam


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