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The Art of Living Happy

February is the month we actually teach and model love and kindness. It is the time we give valentines to those we care about. Do you remember as children how much effort we put into cutting out pink and red paper hearts, gluing ribbon and lace on homemade valentines, adding sequins and glitter and being covered from head to toe with gold and silver sparkle?

Do you recall adding love notes and colored candy hearts and stuffing them into envelopes to be delivered at school or in the neighborhood? There was no fear of being judged nor were we worried that our gift would not be acceptable. We each presented our valentines, proud of what we had to offer. And remember how we gave valentines to the kid or kids that we didn’t even like, but gave what we had and offered it anyway? Happiness is feeling confident in the way we express our gifts and strengths.

Expressing love with that same spark of creativity and inspired confidence from our childlike self is exactly what we will be talking about in our new 2019 THE ART of LIVING HAPPY online lecture series taught by Pam Robinson. These four (1-hour) classes will open our minds as we learn how to access our creative genius, let go of fear and anxiety, and increase levels of self-awareness.

By engaging in this online class you will be able to interact with a group, have support from a coach/trainer and have a workbook with an opportunity to participate in an emotional health 30-day challenge. We will practice principles of emotional self-reliance and come to understand the power of “visioneering”. Our own emotional map for happiness is already in place and we will be focusing on what is already working. We will identify and reinforce those patterns of success as well as add to your own personal secret formula for happiness.

Love always,



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